How to Start Lunch and Dinner Clubs

If you love eating out and want to meet other food lovers, you should start a Lunch and Dinner Club. These social groups can be as simple as a two-person swap or as complex as a five-person rotation. You can even set up your own communal lunch club where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the cost of the meal by choosing a restaurant to host the event. If you don’t have enough time to cook, you can always join a meal club in your city.

Creating a supper club

Unlike traditional lunch and dinner clubs, a supper club revolves around cooking together. Members of a supper club choose the ingredients for a particular meal and then divide the preparation between them. The dinner is always centered on a different ethnic cuisine, and members bring a dish to share with the rest of the club. If the group is small, you may want to consider hosting the dinners at different locations.

A supper club is easy to create and can be organized by those who are already acquainted with each other. When starting a supper club, wait for at least three or four gatherings before inviting guests. It may take as long as three or four meetings for the members to become comfortable. Once the group has bonded, the next step is to decide what menu items you want to prepare.

Meeting other food lovers

Whether you’re interested in discovering new cuisines or simply want to network with like-minded foodies, lunch and dinner clubs are a great place to make new friends. Nommery, for example, is a club that pairs like-minded individuals. Members are typically in their mid-twenties to late fifties, and pay a flat fee to eat together in a family-style atmosphere. While you’re dining, you can chat and share tips. Many events feature custom-made menus and a chance to meet new people.

Creating a supper club in your city

One way to attract customers is to create a supper club in your city. These restaurants typically serve home-cooked food and are known for their unique and innovative dishes. They can also include specialty dishes that will appeal to a specific demographic. You can also decorate the restaurant in a certain style and offer different kinds of entertainment for the diners. A supper club also needs a liquor license, and losing it will reduce the business.

Besides choosing a location, the most important aspect of running a supper club is choosing the right guests. You want to invite people who are willing to commit to the event, so make sure to choose a venue with ample space. The first supper club invitation should contain information on the menu and the expectations for the guests. Once you have chosen the members, you can choose what kind of food to serve.

Choosing a restaurant to host your supper club at

When choosing a venue, remember that the food is not the only consideration. You must also consider the cadence of your supper club, which should be monthly or every other month. A monthly club is ideal for a cadence. The frequency of a supper club will depend on the time you have available to prepare the meals. A monthly supper club can attract a diverse group of people from all over the city, and this cadence is just right.

The size of your guest list is another important factor. If you are aiming for a casual event, choose a restaurant that caters to casual dining. Alternatively, you can host a supper club at a more professional venue. When choosing a restaurant, ask local restaurateurs to give you advice. Ensure that the menu is appropriate and has a high enough profit margin to support a regular operation.